BuzzFeed did a post with work spaces of inspiring, creative people. They are wonderful. As much as I like to have neat spaces at home, I feel like crazy, messy rooms full of so many items are places where great ideas are formed.

Francis Bacon, painter

Jackson Pollock, painter

John Lennon and Yoko Ono, songwriters and artists

 Nigella Lawson, food writer

Paul Cezanne, painter

Ray Eames, designer and artist

Roald Dahl, children's author

Virginia Woolf, novelist

Will Self, writer

This last one makes me want to leave everything I've ever loved out in the open rather than filing things away. This way it can all constantly inspire me.



I found these photos on Kelly Wearstler's pinterest. I love how quirky they are. I feel like they would look great framed and hung up all together.
If you're ever in need of some inspiration I would definitely recommend checking her out.



Usually when I make treats I focus on them tasting good but not being super healthy so I decided to try making some that I wouldn't feel bad about eating. I used this recipe but adjusted a few things. Instead of olive oil I used apple sauce, instead of white sugar I used coconut sugar, and I added some blueberries. I also added a teaspoon-ish of olive oil so it would still have the same consistency and one and a half teaspoons of baking soda since I only had regular flour. You could maybe add a bit more if you like them to rise more.

They turned out not bad. I think because of the banana/apple sauce/yogurt combo they are a lot mushier than most muffins, but they still taste good. If I were to make them again I would leave out the banana because I just don't like the flavour enough. I would definitely recommend making them though!

Seb seems to like them at least!



I found this little cutie at Value Village the other day. Once I got the back off and realized it uses regular film I couldn't leave it there. I can't wait to try it out!



I was so excited to start blogging now that I have a digital camera but I've barely posted anything! So, now I am going to try to make an actual effort (especially since the semester is almost over). I thought about trying to get myself to post once a day for a whole month but I feel like that is just setting myself up to fail since this is the busiest month of the semester. Instead, I am going to try to put up at least 4 pictures a week for the next month. In light of this, here is one ambiguous, blurry selfie that I love and one goofy picture taken while fooling around.