Check out my super cool, new shoes on top of a mix of trendy and classic/obscure books (anyone else noticing this popping up in blogs a lot lately?)
Seriously though, I am so excited to finally own a pair of creepers. These feel like a good starter pair. Not too intense, but enough of a platform to be noticeable. And those are all very good books that you should all read, especially The History of Love. 
Fun fact: Nicole Krauss is married to Jonathan Safran Foer who is also an amazing author. They are definitely a power couple in my mind.
Extra fun fact: I found that copy of Alice at a used bookstore. Someone wrote Christmas 1946 on the inside of the cover which makes my heart swoon.

I'm off to get bangs now. Wish me luck!



Took some really quick pictures the other night before dinner. It wasn't the best spot to be standing in since the light was fading fast.

I recently started a new job that only lasts for the summer and as a result had to quit the current, steady one that I was working. 
It's exciting and scary at the same time to think that come September I won't be employed. I haven't been unemployed for at least 
five years, so it will definitely be new to me. I am ready to try new things though!



So this is exactly what I want to be wearing right now, backpack and all.. 
I also want that setting to be where I am relaxing.