I recently decided to try my hand at making mug cakes/cookies. I've been seeing so many all over Pinterest and figured it looked like way less work than making a whole batch of something. So far I've made..

I have to say, they aren't as good as making a whole batch! The chocolate chip cookie in particular was pretty funky tasting. I really want to try making red velvet cake but they all seem to call for buttermilk and I don't want to purchase an entire container of it to only use like a quarter cup. I think I might stick to making regular sweets.



Is anyone else in the northern hemisphere feeling as lame lately when it comes to dressing? I've been basically putting on the same pair of black jeans and one of the five sweaters I seem to have on rotation lately. I think part of why I'm feeling in such a slump is because I don't have any proper cold weather boots to brave the ice with and am left wearing the same black ones all the time that have holes in the soles and gauze taped to the inside to stop the staples from poking my feet (I really need new ones). Now that I've ranted a bit, here are a few pictures I'm trying to use for some winter inspiration..

Maybe I'll force myself to put a skirt on for class today..



Some things I'm currently enjoying..

Jewelry on my bedside table

Oxfords and loafers begging to be worn

A festive nail polish combination

A necklace from H&M and a homemade beeswax candle

A cozy sweater from Zara