I love everything about this picture. Especially her hair and her sleeves.



I took a quick study break the other day to go outside and play around. I can't wait until it's warm enough to spend time outside without being uncomfortable. I'm starting to notice the beginnings of spring here finally. This is the first time I've actually worn this hat. I didn't realize when purchasing it that it's a size large so it doesn't stay on my head too well!

 I've been playing around with the Picasa vintage looking filters but I'm noticing that they definitely take away from the quality of my photos a bit.



I've always wished I could dye my hair a reddish-pinky shade. While I definitely have a bit darker features than this girl, she's making me feel like I could pull it off..
I also love the grungy awesomeness of her outfit!

Photo from Nasty Gal blog



I finally got my act together and managed to take some pictures with my new camera. I'm still learning all of the different functions but I have many of the basic ones figured out.



I found this picture the other day. I love how everything she is wearing is in style today. It's such a modern yet classic look. I have been wanting a pair of boots almost exactly like those.