These pictures are from the same roll of film as the previous post. They were from so long ago that I almost forgot about them. The above is from a night out at the beginning of the semester. It was one of those amazing nights where you are in the perfect state of mind. Such a great way to relax before a stressful semester starts.

This shameless selfie was taken at a show quite a while ago. I went to see Family of the Year and Hey Ocean. I was most excited for Family of the Year but found that I enjoyed their recorded stuff a bit more than their live performance. It was still very fun though, despite the fact that I could barely see over people's heads! I guess I'm used to not being taller than anyone in a room though.

Both of these photos were taken before I cut my hair off. It's around my shoulders now. I am so happy to say that I do not regret it one bit!



We decided to go to what we thought would be the salmon run last weekend. Imagine my surprise when we arrived and realized the salmon only come every three to four years. The leaves were beautiful though. The colours made the afternoon so wonderful that I was almost glad there weren't any smelly fish! I am so excited that it is finally cold enough to bundle up. As nice as dressing for summer is, nothing beats a comfy sweater and some worn in boots.

Everyone once in a while during the semester it's nice to take a whole day off to do something relaxing. Homework can wait!