These pictures are from the same roll of film as the previous post. They were from so long ago that I almost forgot about them. The above is from a night out at the beginning of the semester. It was one of those amazing nights where you are in the perfect state of mind. Such a great way to relax before a stressful semester starts.

This shameless selfie was taken at a show quite a while ago. I went to see Family of the Year and Hey Ocean. I was most excited for Family of the Year but found that I enjoyed their recorded stuff a bit more than their live performance. It was still very fun though, despite the fact that I could barely see over people's heads! I guess I'm used to not being taller than anyone in a room though.

Both of these photos were taken before I cut my hair off. It's around my shoulders now. I am so happy to say that I do not regret it one bit!

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