I went for a little hike with a friend the other weekend so she could take some pictures. I have to say, Olivia is amazing! 
She used a film camera and the pictures turned out so well. I was so excited when I first got my DSLR but I find myself constantly 
wanting to use my film cameras instead. I love that she used a film one for these. I am such a sucker for the old feel they give off. 
It's just not the same with digital. 

The dress I'm wearing is an old time favourite. I got it at a clothing swap for free! It has ripped once but I managed to sew it back
 together thankfully. I don't know what I would do without it. It's pretty much the only dress I own that I actually wear.



I finally found my photos from my Wells Gray trip the other week. I got to hike up to the top of the main waterfall. 
It was so worth the hike. Half of my photos didn't turn out at all though and the other half 
are all weird. I am in dire need of a new analog camera. Nevertheless, I still love how these ones turned out.



I was hoping to post the few photos that actually turned out during a recent hike but have since lost them somewhere in my room. Such is life. Instead I share this photo found on Oracle Fox blog that just may have pushed me those final steps toward actually purchasing a pair of Supergas this weekend. They just seem like the perfect sneaker. Can we also please admire this perfect combination of sweatshirt and denim shirt?