After a long weekend at Sasquatch Music Festival using disposable cameras instead of digital (just in case I dropped/lost mine) I rediscovered the joys of film! The quality and colour is so much more interesting compared to regular digital photos, unless of course you can afford a digital SLR. The other weekend my boyfriend and I decided to go out and see if we could figure out some cameras we found at a local thrift store. These photos here were taken with my regular Pentax analog camera that I snagged for only 10 dollars. I was pleasantly surprised by how clear the pictures turned out..

And these photos were all taken with my boyfriend's little Canon point and shoot type film camera. The pictures turn out so grainy and wonderful..
I was wearing a navy dress from Stitches (only 10 dollars!), a hat from The Bay, and thrifted sandals and necklace.

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