Perfect mornings are solo walks to the farmer's market while the air is still crisp solely for the purpose of getting treats.



I'm currently waiting for my photo place to get more CDs so I can get my rolls of film developed and finally share some more pictures!
Until then, I leave you with this quote I found on Studded Hearts that I have fallen in love with..



I went for a little hike with a friend the other weekend so she could take some pictures. I have to say, Olivia is amazing! 
She used a film camera and the pictures turned out so well. I was so excited when I first got my DSLR but I find myself constantly 
wanting to use my film cameras instead. I love that she used a film one for these. I am such a sucker for the old feel they give off. 
It's just not the same with digital. 

The dress I'm wearing is an old time favourite. I got it at a clothing swap for free! It has ripped once but I managed to sew it back
 together thankfully. I don't know what I would do without it. It's pretty much the only dress I own that I actually wear.